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asked Jun 16 by Paula (700 points)  
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Seriously. I thought this was a joke too, a kind of “Mew under the truck” urban legend that had already sprung forth on day one, but it’s actually true. Right at the beginning of the game when you are given the usual Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle choice, pick none of them. As in, physically run away from them. The game will jump them over to try and follow you, but by the fourth time you do this, it gets the message you don’t want any of them, and surprise! There’s Pikachu, joining the #party. Now, as anyone knows who has played, your “starter” is ultimately not terribly important (in two days I have all three original starters from eggs/wild captures), but this is a fun little trick you can tell your friends about regardless.

answered Jul 13 by mariana (1,070 points)  

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